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Explanatory Notes for Export Receival Advice form

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Shipping Line

Name of Shipping line with whom the booking has been made

Shipping Line Export Booking Number

This number is to be obtained from the shipping line at the time of making a booking for shipment

Vessel Name

Name of the vessel on which cargo is to be loaded

Voyage Number

Voyage number to be obtained from the shipping line

Container Number

Container Number appearing on the container

VBS - Date - Slot

Vehicle Booking System - date - and Time Slot

Truck Reg

Registration Number of Truck

Deliver to

Name of Stevedoring Terminal

Berth No

Berth Name / Number

Discharge Port

Port that the cargo is to be discharged or trans shipped

Final Destination

Final destination Port (if Different from Port of Discharge above)

Container ISO code

ISO code for container type

Tynes YES - NO

If container is fitted with Tyne (fork lift) pockets

Container Type 20 ft - 40ft

Indicates whether 20ft or 40ft container

High Cube (9 ft 6" )

Indicate type

Flat Rack

Indicate type


Indicate type

Open Top

Indicate type




Full Container Load - Shipper utilizes all the space in the container


Less than a container load - Parcel of Goods too small to fill a container


Freight all kinds - Generally consolidated containers - freight is charged per container irrespective of the nature of goods


Indicates if container empty


Indicates if damaged

Commodity (description)

Self explanatory

Cargo   General

General Cargo (not reefer)


Indicate if reefer


Indicate if frozen (not chilled)


Indicate if chilled (not frozen)

Container Set Point

The temperature in 0 c to which the container should be set. It is very important to indicate whether the temperature is + OR - ( see note below)


The shipper is obliged to indicate if cargo is hazardous

UN Number

United Nations Number

IMO class

International Maritime Organisation Classification (Classes 1 to 9 )

Air Vents open - closed

Indicate whether air vents are to be set Open or Closed

m3 / hour

Indicate desired ventilation in cubic metres per hour if the vent is to be set open (as above)

Controlled Atmosphere

(Yes) (No) is it Controlled Atmosphere Container

Humidity Control % age

Indicate desired Relative Humidity Control as a percentage if answer is YES to above

Over Size

For over dimensional cargo - indicate measurement over standard size

Over height    cm


Over length    cm


Over width     cm


COU Number

Clip On Unit Number

Cargo Gross Weight

Gross Weight of cargo including packaging and dunnage

Container  (Tare)

Tare weight of container

Container  (Gross)

Cargo Gross weight + Container Tare Weight

Seal Numbers

Seal Numbers

DPI Seal No

Department of Primary Industries & Energy (AQIS) Seal Number


Export Clearance Number


Customs Reference Number

Marks and Numbers

Marks and Numbers shown on packages

Break Bulk Cargo Tonnes / Measure

Goods shipped loose in vessel's hold and not in a container - Tonnage and measurement to be shown

Description of Cargo

Cargo Description

Quantity of Packages

Number of Packages


Any additional information that can be provided, including information for which provision has not been made in the form

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