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DoormanGeneral Packing List for Personal Effects with Insurance Values

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Name, Address and Phone Number of Person Shipping Goods

Vessel and Voyage Number

Port of Loading    

Port of Discharge 

Bill of Lading No

Container No     

Number of Packages


Port Mark No


Description of Goods





Page Number

If you need additional pages simply put in a Page Number, Fill in, Print out  (for your records)
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Fill in, Print out  (for your records) Then Click Submit Button Port Mark Column is for individual number of packages over total number of packages
ie.. say you had 30 packages then the first package would be marked 1 / 30 next 2 / 30
This system will help you tremendously when you are doing a physical inspection with Customs or Quarantine Number Column is for how many but also helps when you have say 6 dining chairs
save time and space just put in 6 dining chairs Value Column is for those who wish to take out marine transit insurance where you are required to put in values

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